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Seed packets

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2 seed packets made from old books, and one made from Juliette's picture.

2 seed packets made from old books, and one made from Juliette’s picture.

Here’s another great idea shared by Urban Farming Tasmania.

Make your own seed packets so you can start seed sharing  and grow vegetables and fruit as a community.

First create a template for cutting seed packets from using old cardboard. Here’s one from City Girl Farming:

To make personalised seed packets, kids can make them from their own drawings (colour or paint a picture, then cut it out using the template). Use a glue stick to seal the side and bottom flaps of the packet, then it’s ready to put seeds in. Glue or tape down the top flap and remember to write the name of the seed type on the packet.

Tip: Only put one seed type in each packet (so you may need to make multiple packets if you are packing a range of seeds).

How about personalised packets of vegetable seed for Christmas gifts?


Author: Sherridan

I'm a PhD candidate researching children's cultural wellbeing in classroom communities. Curious too about the intersections between arts education and Education for Sustainability. I tutor in the B. Ed program at the University of Tasmania.

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