Kids. Grow. Gardens.

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Kids. Grow. Gardens is the first in a series of blogs.

Kids. Restore. Habitats

Kids. Create. Art

Kids. Design. Solutions

Kids. Help. Others

In effect this represents a next evolution of Bloom’s Taxonomy from what goes on in kids’ brains when they learn, to how it transforms their way of engaging with the world. In the early 2000s Bloom’s Taxonomy was modified by Anderson and others, with the final stage on the continuum “synthesising” being modified to “creating”. This signified a shift to more active learning – perhaps “learning by doing” is a better descriptive – but also marked a recognition of children’s agency in their lives. Kids create.

What I’m learning though, through watching my own children grow into their adolescent years and through my studies and teaching, is that kids now do much more than create. They are active participants, able to shape outcomes in their own lives and in the lives of others. Kids can be powerful citizens in our communities. But how much do our communities allow or enable our children to participate in the civic and cultural lives of their community?

I’m curious about that.



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